Australis at Expo16 Antalya, Turkey



AUSTRALIA’S first ever International Garden Festival, Australis, is one step closer to realisation said founder Steven Haggart, upon return from the AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers) World Congress in Antalya, Turkey, this month.

At a time when many might choose not to travel to Turkey, a dedication to the Australis project and the opportunity to see Expo 16, was motivation enough for Mr Haggart to continue with the trip.

The future of Australis was first secured at last year’s AIPH World Congress in Milan where Mr Haggart led a team bid for the event which will deliver a six month world garden expo to his location of choice in Australia, bringing with it over $1 billion dollars worth of tourist revenue and leaving the legacy of one of the best gardens in the world.

As a condition of securing the license, the host is required to attend subsequent congresses every six months, to provide progress updates to the board and 26 member nations. The Antalya Congress, was the second update and third attendance at AIPH Congresses over the last 12 months.

Mr Haggart also attended the Green City Conference held in conjunction with the AIPH, in Vancouver in March, as part of meeting this obligation.

Australia has attempted to secure the license to hold an International Garden Festival, several times over the 30 years it has been a member of the AIPH, though changes in Government mid process, have seen disruptions in continuity and the opportunities lost.

Australis marks the first time a license has been successfully secured for Australia and the best chance ever, to hold this unique, long-term event in 2020.

Steven Haggart’s visit to Turkey to attend the AIPH World Congress demonstrated his ongoing commitment to the Australis project, and provided an opportunity to both update the congress on its progress and tour the current Expo16 site in Antalya.

With numerous councils and mayors vying for the opportunity, the only question that now remains, is where exactly will Australis be held?

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