Australis Update – 69th AIPH Annual Congress Taiwan



Steven Haggart, Founder and Managing Director of Australis 2020, presented an Australis progress report to the 27 member nations of the Association of International Horticulture Producers (AIPH) at their 69th Annual Congress in Taichung, Taiwan, in the last week of September (2017)

This was the 4th update in the two years since Australis first secured the license to hold this 6-month international event, at the AIPH Congress held during the Milan Expo, in October 2015.

A requirement of securing a license, is to provide regular 6 monthly updates, at the main annual AIPH Congress (in September / October each year) and the ‘Spring meeting’ usually centered around the Green City Council, each March.

This update reviewed the evolution of the Australis proposal, which has involved the assessment of 40 locations across 5 States, with 12 cities; developing 4 detailed proposals, before selecting a 75 Ha site at Sydney Olympic Park as the preferred location.

The masterplan was developed to help generate the financial inputs into the business model, which inturn formed the basis for an ‘Unsolicited Proposal’ to NSW State Government, submitted 18th September (2017), involving 20+ consulting firms and project partners, including KPMG, Lucid Economics and Finalter S.p.A 

Historically 100% Government funded, the Australis proposal is the first of these events to propose a Public Private Partnership (PPP) to engage private sector support to help the Australian Government, to finally deliver this event after several attempts over 30 years.

As such, Australis has created a more commercially robust business model, of significant interest to the AIPH and its member nations, as it represents a new era in the approach to funding this major, capital-intensive events.