‘Finalter’ joins ‘Australis’ to deliver the Australis 6-month ‘World Garden and Environmental Expo’ in Sydney in 2020.



Steven Haggart, Founder and Managing Director of Australis, said ‘Finalter’ bring unique skills, experience and certainty to the delivery of what is projected to be, the 3rd largest event in Australia’s history.

Finalier CEO and Founder, Perio Galli, was responsible for preparing and delivering the €3 billion Milan Expo in 2015, generally regarded as the most commercially successful Expo in modern times, engaging over 100 countries, selling 10.5 million tickets before the event opened, ultimately hosting 21.5 million visitors and engaging 300 million people on social media, over the 6 month event. 

Milan was a ‘Universal’ Expo comprising Pavilion buildings, verses a ‘World Garden and Environmental Expo’, which focuses more on promoting the Environment Agenda through international gardens and cultural pavilions. However, the opportunity to bring the world together to deliver 184 days of cultural exchange and entertainment are the same. 

Post Expo, Piero formed ‘Finalter S.p.A’, a private company comprising the department heads responsible for sales and marketing, ticketing, operations, logistics, entertainment program and content, participant program etc for the Milan Expo.

Having undertaken 18 months due diligence to look at the last 12 years of Pavilion and Garden / Environment based Expos, Mr. Haggart concluded Mr. Galli and his team, represents the most professional and capable team able to support Australis and the Australian Government, collaborate in the first ever Public Private Partnership to the delivery of an International Garden and Environmental Expo, the first of it’s kind to be held in the southern hemisphere / Australia.

The 6-month event aims to attract 4-5 million visitors and will focus on three core themes; Diversity, Innovation and Celebration as it engages 40 of Australia’s major trading partner nations, in a massive tourism, trade and cultural exchange.

Mr. Galli will visit Sydney at the end of October to formally consummate the relationship, providing a unique opportunity for government to hear first hand, the value of these unique world-class events and how Australis has created the best opportunity in Australia’s 30 year history of trying to secure this event, to realise this once in a generational event.