NDEVA – New Alliance Partners with Australis



‘NDEVA’ is the phonetic spelling of ‘Endeavour’ which in this context, refers to a core Australis exhibit, relating to the historical significance of 2020, as the 250th anniversary of the nautical and scientific expedition undertaken by Captain Cook and Joseph Banks, when the unique fauna and flora of the Australian continent was first studied by the western world.

NDEVA is key part of a broader exhibit exploring the history of humanity on the Australian continent over 65,000 years, which begins by charting the last 250 years of shared cultural history, before exploring and celebrating the longest continuous culture in the world today – the aboriginal peoples of Australia and the Dreamtime story-telling, of the origins of creation.

NDEVA is a ‘Not For Profit’ initiative intended to engage Australia’s 3.7 million school children, in telling this pivotal story, by sponsoring the creation of the exhibit, with any profits being redistributed to schools in the form of art supplies to support and stimulate creative art programs.

NDEVA presents a unique opportunity to help celebrate both Australia’s modern history and our ancient cultural origins, which have collectively informed who we are as a nation today.